LATEST | Marchand calls out the NHL's officiating big time and points out what's wrong

Published February 14, 2023 at 7:03 PM

The NHL's officiating has been in the middle of lots of controversial decisions and players have started to take a stand and open up on the subject.

Sidney Crosby made the news this weekend after he was thrown out for the first time in his career, but also because he restrained from saying what he truly thought since the NHL develop a habit of fining those who criticized the league's officiating.

Brad Marchand on his end, did not hold back and went straight to the point. He stated exactly how he felt about the officiating performance Saturday after the Bruins played the Capitals:

'' Around the league, whether you call everything chintzy as they did on ‘CC' or ‘Lindy' [Hampus Lindholm], or let it all go. It can't be half-and-half throughout the game. You know guys have no idea what they can and can't do, but that's part of it.''

The League needs to find a solution especially since they've taken a major hit on their reputation since they've completely blocked out any opportunity to critic the officiating role, fining both Paul Maurice and Sheldon Keefe. Let it be reminded that Bettman stated earlier this year that they have the best in all of the professional sports.

From a player's point of view though, Marchand does make a valid point. All they want is to have consistency between the calls, if the rules change on a nightly basis, it makes it impossible to know where the limit is. Let's hope the NHL can make the necessary change to improve the game.
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LATEST | Marchand calls out the NHL's officiating big time and points out what's wrong

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