LATEST | Prospect analyst makes his mock draft: Canucks make an interesting selection

Felip Gosselin
May 23, 2023  (8:37 PM)

The Canucks have lots of work to do heading into this off-season. One of their mission will be to select the best available player when their time to step on stage comes at the draft.

There's been lots of speculation regarding the different scenarios, while the top 5 players seem to have already been determined, picks from 6 to 12 will be giving lots of headaches.
Corey Pronman and Scott Wheeler of The Athletic drew their own mock draft and their ranking just shows how deep in talent this prospect pool is. Without a doubt, they had Connor Bedard topping their list, but the name they had down for the Canucks is not one we've heard much.
1. Connor Bedard
2. Adam Fantilli
3. Will Smith
4. Leo Carlsson
5. Ryan Leonard
6. David Reinbacher
7. Dalibor Dvorski
8. Matvei Michkov
9. Zach Benson
10. Tom Wilander
11. Nate Danielson
12. Samuel Honzek
13. Gabe Perreault
14. Brayden Yager
15. Oliver Moore
16. Axel Sandin Pellika
The names Brayden Yager, Axel Sandin Pellika, and Dalibord Dvorsky have been heavily linked to the Canucks at this point, making it hard to believe they would pass on both Sandin Pellika and Yager who both fill certain Canucks needs.
Danielson, a late-born out of Lethbridge. AB is a right-handed shot centerman. Ranked 7th among NA skaters he's mainly known for his versatility. The forward has perfected his craft in Brandon with Wheat Kings over the last three years, this season he was able to collect an impressive 78 points in 68 games. He's 6'01'' and weighs 185 pounds and checks all the boxes for the Canucks.
On our end, however, we feel it'd be hard to pass up on Yager, who just a year ago, was presumed to be a top5 pick. We feel like there may be more upside to his game. At the end of the day, it'll be extremely intriguing to see how it unfolds and who the Canucks get to choose.
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LATEST | Prospect analyst makes his mock draft: Canucks make an interesting selection

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