LATEST | Seravalli makes a bold statement on the Canucks and J.T. Miller

Published March 24, 2023 at 6:37 PM

J.T. Miller has been the main subject in tons of discussions regarding the Vancouver Canucks this year. The controversial behavior he displayed at the time, his engagement level, and his lack of production early in the year have caused Canucks' fans loads of stress after Allvin inked him to the Canucks for the following 7 years.

However, J.T. Miller has raised every bit of suspicion with his play lately. Not only have we been witnessing this season's best of Miller, but he's been a totally new player since Tocchet took over the team's reign. He has 17 points through the last 10 games and is now back to his former point-per-game production with 71 points in 70 games this year.

Frank Seravalli was on Canucks Central earlier today and made once again quite a bold statement regarding the Canucks' true intention in regard to their star forward. Miller was linked to the Penguins days prior to the deadline and while no trade announcements were made, the rumors have it that the talks had gone pretty far. Obviously, since then, Miller has been playing up to the standards he had set for himself last year, but Seravalli doesn't think the Canucks see him in Vancouver in the long run:

''I still believe at the end of the day the Canucks 1st preference is to find a new place for JT Miller to play next season.''

The fact that Miller has been playing his best hockey lately surely raises the latter's market value. Though Allvin and his management team have stated that they'd be looking to make the playoffs as early as next year, doesn't a player like Miller help you get there?

The rumored return for the Canucks was deemed to be 2 quality Draft Selection and Allvin deemed it not enough for them to move their star forward. With the way he's been playing recently, can they fetch more? Should they move forward and his contract? Miller's 7-year deal, $56M, and NTC only kick in on July 1st, must they move him before then or will this age badly?
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LATEST | Seravalli makes a bold statement on the Canucks and J.T. Miller

Should the Canucks be considering moving J.T. Miller?

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