LATEST | Tocchet's off-season wishlist revealed: Gives a good idea of what the Canucks are after

Published May 9, 2023 at 8:34 PM

The Canucks' To-Do list just got bigger now that we know where the team will be drafting. Based on what the 10 teams ahead draft and the player for them at 11, it may change their whole plan moving into free agency.

Rick Dhaliwal hinted at what Tocchet would be wishing to add to his roster. The team is already filled with talent and with the late surge from Dakota Joshua, it's easy to see what type of player Tocchet likes. Tocchets want more size, more toughness, and more grit:

''Coach plays a big role in what kind of team he wants...he's going to have a big say...if Rick Tocchet is going to have a wish list...size & toughness, more grit."

Tocchet will surely try and build a bigger and grittier bottom 6 forward group and it may be one of the reasons that they've chosen Garland to be moved. While Garland is highly competitive and intense, in no way is he big and tough? Throughout the end of the season, he was slotted on the third line and a grittier line-up starts there.

One player in mind that's big, tough, and plays with grit, may see his season come to an end tomorrow, could he be an addition with that line of thought in mind?
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