LATEST | Tyler Myers gives another tutorial on how NOT to defend at the WC

Published May 20, 2023 at 8:48 PM

Tyler Myers boarded the same plane as Ethan Bear did in order to represent Team Canada at the 2023 Men's World Championship.

Today, the Canadians were meeting with Switzerland to whom they ultimately surrendered a 3-2 loss. The game was mainly highlighted by two sequences, the first being Joe Veleno's nasty shot at Nino Niderreiter, which was covered earlier, and a sequence in which Tyler Myers showed the plus value he brought to this team.

Tyler Myers shows how NOT to defend

In the middle of the 3rd, the play led to a 4 on 2 in which Pier-Olivier Joseph and Tyler Myers had the job to defend. Myers ended up sliding down to try and cut the passing option (which was, at that point, an excellent play), but the opposing player ended up going around the net and tricked Myers. Instead of getting back up, Myers just laid down waiting for a goal to happen.

This ended up being the game-winning goal, Tyler Myers was scorched on multiple occasions this year for his poor play and this sequence doesn't prove the contrary. The Canucks have reportedly been trying to move the $6M defenceman, in order to make their way back into the playoffs, should they make it a priority to move him?
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LATEST | Tyler Myers gives another tutorial on how NOT to defend at the WC

Is moving Myers part of the solution to renew with success?

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