MAJOR | Canucks getting ready to pull a bold move as they set their eyes on an NCAA Freshman

Published March 22, 2023 at 9:49

The NCAA free agent market has started to open up, while the rumblings indicate the Canucks may be in on a lot of players, we're starting to have a clearer idea on who might be their idealistic targets.

For NCAA free agents, the norm is usually to turn pro once they've played their senior year and sometimes after their junior season. Thought the latest talks have indicated that the Canucks had shown high interest for a freshman who's been tearing up the NCAA thus far.

Chris Faber revealed earlier that the Canucks were in on Ryan McAllister. 2001 Born centerman, notched a 137 points in 60 AJHL Games last year, but has kept it up ever since he graduated to the NCAA, with 48 points in 38 outings as a first year at Western Michigan University.

«We've heard the Canucks are a team to watch with McAllister but have also heard that he is not certain if he will go pro after this season. It's rare to see a one-and-done in NCAA hockey when a player isn't a high draft pick but McAllister may be an exception.»

McAllister ranked 6th in scoring only behind Adam Fantilli, who's projected a top3 pick in the 2023 Draft, Logan Cooley, 3rd Overall Pick in 2022. Jimmy Snuggerud and Sean Farrel who are also NHL Draft Picks.

McAllister could be considered as a top prospect that developed later in age, though he should definitely be drawing interest all-over the NHL, especially as a Freshman.

He's definitely a name to watch moving forward, the Canucks are on the market for a centerman, could McAllister be the piece they need?
March 22   |   453 answers
MAJOR | Canucks getting ready to pull a bold move as they set their eyes on an NCAA Freshman

Should they get McAllister under contract if they can?

Yes sign him40689.6 %
No, we have plenty of centermen316.8 %
No he's too young163.5 %
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