MAJOR DEVELOPMENT | Journalist drops big information on the Sharks' the fourth overall pick

Published May 30, 2023 at 7:08 PM

The San Jose Sharks currently have the fourth overall pick in the 2023 NHL Entry Draft, which is set to be held in Nashville on June 28th and 29th. But that could change.

San Jose Sharks General Manager Mike Grier says he would be open to moving the fourth overall pick, but only if it's for something substantial that would wow him.

"I won't rule anything out," General Manager Mike Grier said. "I think there'd have to be a pretty significant offer to move out of four, but you never know what happens when you get close to the draft. If there's a player another team really likes, we'll listen. But it would take a lot."

It's been known for a little while now that the Vancouver Canucks want to trade up and get into the top-ten in next month's draft and while it'll take a lot to acquire that fourth overall pick, it's certainly worth trying for. The 11th overall pick would more than likely have to be going the other way in any deal with the Sharks, but they'll want more than that.

In The Athletic's article, they suggested a trade with the Coyotes that would see the teams swap their both first round picks they hold (4th + 26th to Arizona for 6th + 12th). The Canucks can't do that unfortunately because they only have one first round pick this year and don't even have a second round pick because it was dealt to the Detroit Red Wings, along with the first rounder they got from the Islanders in the Bo Horvat trade.

In terms of prospects, there are a handful that are untouchable in the eyes of Patrik Allvin and others in the organization including defenceman Elias Pettersson, forward Jonathan Lekkerimaki, among others.

It's unclear what they would need to move, along with the 11th overall pick to make it work. It would be hard to make a deal with the Sharks because Allvin would have to give up a lot, but it's certainly something they need to consider leading up to the NHL Entry Draft, which is less than one month away.

Source: The Athletic
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MAJOR DEVELOPMENT | Journalist drops big information on the Sharks' the fourth overall pick

If the Canucks stay at 11th overall and assuming these players are available, who should they pick?

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