MAJOR | Frank Seravalli drops massive piece of information on Canada's 2018 World Junior team scandal

Cooper Godin
August 10, 2023  (10:55)

Last week on the Cam & Strick podcast, Andy Strickland reported that it'll likely be five players that will be on the receiving end of NHL suspensions for their involvement in the alleged sexual assault involving members of the 2018 Canadian World Junior team, with the results of the investigation to be released very soon.

When the allegations first came to light, every player who was on the 2018 Canadian World Junior roster released a statement by themselves or via their agent denying their involvement.
On this week's episode of DFO Rundown, Frank Seravalli was discussing free agents that are still available and that there are a handful of whom that were on the 2018 team. Jason Gregor said that he knows there are players who had their name dragged through the mug and didn't have any involvement, adding that he hopes those players go after the people that accused them of something like that, when they never did anything.
Frank Seravalli replied by saying that there are also players who put out statements that are clearly lying, which is true. Especially when you consider that every player had released a statement denying their involvement, if everyone is saying they weren't involved, then someone or multiple people aren't telling the truth, that's for certain.
"There's also players that said they had nothing to do with it, that did or made public statements or had their agent that mentioned it, that did." Seravalli said.

It's unclear when the results of the NHL's investigation into the matter will be released, but teams across the league are reportedly bracing for suspensions, so it's possible it'll be out before the start of the 2023-24 season.
Note: Discussion begins at 29:00 minute mark in podcast below.
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