MAJOR | Insider shares the settings for Pettersson's next deal and its massive

Published April 4, 2023 at 4:36 PM

Elias Pettersson's extension has to be the number one priority heading into this off-season. The Swede will be eligible for an extension as soon as July 1st, 2023 and the Canucks need to lock up their future.

Pettersson has been the Canucks' driving force this year and the fact that he's just on the verge of scoring his 100th point on the season only drives his signing value up. The superstar centerman inked a deal worth $22.05M for three years in October 2021.

Has he's evolved into one of the league's top playe, he'll also command one of the league's top contract. Frank Seravalli joined Dan Riccio and Satiar Shah on Sportsnet650 and per their beliefs, this will be a historical contract for both Pettey and the Vancouver Canucks:

‘'I see him in the $10.5M range on a long-term-deal''

Viewed as one of the top two canditates for the team's captainship, the Canucks have no other choice than to ensure his services for as long as possible. A $10.5M offer over the next 8 years would have him as the 4th highest paid centermen and 8th league wide. However, there aren't that many defenseman who can give you 100 point value and are top penalty killers.

That sure is a heck of a contract to sign, but to have a cornerstone franchise centerman like Pettersson, is it worth it?
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MAJOR | Insider shares the settings for Pettersson's next deal and its massive

Is Petterson going to be the team's next captain?

He should be19259.4 %
No Hughes will have it9930.7 %
Miller should be given this responsability329.9 %
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