MAJOR | Rick Dhaliwal goes off on the Canucks for their PR management

Published May 4, 2023 at 7:46 PM

Rick Dhaliwal has built quite the name for himself in the Vancouver Canucks sphere as an insider and an analyst. He hosts the Daily Donnie and Dhali show along with Don Taylor, a show on which they discussed the sporting events and news in B.C.

Yesterday, Dhaliwal absolutely went off and ranted on the Canucks since he and Donnie have been trying to get a meaningful guest from the organization and yet they keep getting denied:

"We've asked for Tocchet for months and months and we don't get him...We've asked for Canucks guests for weeks and weeks and they just toss our requests in the garbage.... Beautiful way to conduct business."

Rick Tocchet has spent some time as of late going around shows and podcasts to answer the multiple questions surrounding the club and his preparation for next year. Sportsnet650 announced just moments after Dhali went off on the Canucks, that Tocchet would be visiting him.

Seems like the Canucks organization is overlooking this show, should they be given more credit? Should the Canucks acknowledge Donnie and Dhalie more?
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MAJOR | Rick Dhaliwal goes off on the Canucks for their PR management

Should they be given more credit?

Yes6042.6 %
No8157.4 %
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