MAJOR | Surprising BC City puts his bid down to relocate the Coyotes

Published May 17, 2023 at 8:50 PM

The saga around the Arizona Coyotes has been the talk of the hour. How long will they be in Arizona? When will they relocate? Where will they relocate?

Tempe voters rejected the idea of a new building for the franchise and this show has to be stopped. The franchise will be looking at all possibilities and every market in the western atmosphere with a big enough building needs to be examined.

Breaking News British Columbia revealed that Surrey's mayor, Brenda Locke, had formally sent her bid to the NHL to host the franchise in search of a home:

‘'According to Breaking News British Columbia, the answer could be yes after it tweeted Surrey mayor Brenda Locke «announced (she) submitted a formal bid to the NHL to relocate the struggling franchise to the ‘fastest growing' city in Canada.»

Surrey has been identified as the fastest-growing city in Canada, however, with Bettman's beliefs and strategies to expand the game, it seems unlikely that the NHL could consider having two teams as geographically close.

Bettman wishes to expand the game to non-traditional Hockey markets, which is the reason why Quebec City has not been granted a franchise. Surrey being a few kilometers away from Vancouver makes it an unlikely destination for the Coyotes. At the end of the day, would you like to have a franchise as close to Vancouver? It would definitely spice up an exciting rivalry, wouldn't it?

SOURCE: Western Standard News
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MAJOR | Surprising BC City puts his bid down to relocate the Coyotes

Will Surrey be hosting the Coyotes?

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