MAJOR | The most important day in Coyotes' history: Relocating process underway?

Published May 16, 2023 at 10:06

Today is the day when the Coyotes will finally have their fate decided. The voters in Tempe will be taking a stand on whether or not they'll award the franchise a new building.

First off, even if the vote goes in the Coyotes the building won't be ready for at least 3-years leaving them in the Mullet Arena. However, if the vote's negative, the franchise will be starting from scratch once again:

‘'Not hyperbole: Today is the biggest day in #Yotes franchise history.

Tempe voters hold the future of the Coyotes in Arizona in their hands. Some background explaining today's vote, why it matters, and what happens to win or lose:''

Per Seravalli's indication, at this point, if the project doesn't come through it's not a matter of if, but more a matter of when and where the Coyotes will be relocating.

On his recent 32 Thoughts Podcast Eliotte Friedman evaluated the different locations that could host the team:

‘'Or, does the NHL start looking at Houston, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, Kansas City as the new home of the Coyotes?''

It must be noted that the NHL and Gary Bettman have been entertaining meetings with different prospective owners in Houston, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and elsewhere – which would all be fitting into the Central Division.

It appears that the Coyotes' fate is no longer in Bettman's hands since it was stated that different owners were fed by the Coyote's poor revenue and the fact that they'd been playing in a small NCAA arena. Is this saga finally coming to an end?
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MAJOR | The most important day in Coyotes' history: Relocating process underway?

Where should they be relocated?

KC258.4 %
Houston7725.8 %
Salt Lake City4715.8 %
Other14950 %
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