NEW DEVELOPMENT | Three years extension for Ethan Bear?

Published February 14, 2023 at 8:01 PM

The Vancouver Canucks' GM Patrik Allvin made a steal when he acquired Ethan Bear along with Lane Pederson from the Carolina Hurricanes. The Canucks were desperate to acquire help on their defense's right side and it turned out pretty good.

Bear has rendered great services to the team since he got here and established himself as a steady top4 defenseman. The thing that we'll hear more and more about moving forward, is his contract expiring at the end of the current season.

Bear had signed a one-year deal while he was in Carolina worth $2.2M yearly back in July 2022 and he'll be in need of a new deal. Rick Dhaliwal joined Sekeres and Price this week and revealed new information on the matter:

''It should be anywhere from 1-3 [years], it's not close right now..his agent Jason Davidson will try to buy some UFA years. When you do that it's expensive for the team. A one-year deal is not something anyone wants.''

Bear managed 11 points in 41 games this season and even shows a +1 differential in one of the teams that have been scored on the most. His next deal's AAV should be somewhere between $2.0M and $3.0M, would it be reasonable to give him a longer term and go for 3 years? Should the Canucks go longer? At the end of Bear's next deal, the Canucks will hold no rights whatsoever since he will have reached the age to freely test the market. What's the Canucks best play at this point?
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NEW DEVELOPMENT | Three years extension for Ethan Bear?

How long should they sign him for?

2 years5734.8 %
3 years6439 %
4 years2917.7 %
More148.5 %
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