New details about Demko's situation came up and the Canucks will have shop him

Published January 31, 2023 at 5:29 PM

The Vancouver Canucks have been making headlines since the season started and more often then not, not for the good reasons.

The new management in place as not yet fixed the issues left by the last era and some players are starting to irritate because of it. Some key players at that.

The Canucks goaltender Thatcher Demko will have been on the injury reserve for 2 months on Saturday, his performances before hand weren't astonishing and a rumor that's been circulating for a while as just been confirmed from a reliable TSN source:

» Does Demko want to be here? I've heard from people around that are close to it that Demko doesn't want be here. There's conversation in the background that Demko isn't enamored with the market, the scrutiny, the organization. Pick it, it's all of it.»

- Farhan Lalji


Allvin was on a podcast and didn't hide from the fact that nobody was considered an untouchable:

»It's hard to say we're sitting at the bottom of the league...those players are high elite players. You need something significant in return to even consider it.»

The Canucks already have plenty of issues defensively, Spencer Martin and Collin Delia have both proven that they couldn't take care of things. If they now had to try and find a capable goaltender, we'd be in a ton of problems for sure.

Though if his will is to walk away from Vancouver, should the Canucks move him? He could surely fetch a decent return.
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New details about Demko's situation came up and the Canucks will have shop him

If he doesn't want to be here anymore, should the Canucks move him?

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No8213.2 %
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