The price to acquire Erik Karlsson is revealed and it's enormous

Felip Gosselin
January 14, 2023  (9:39)

The San Jose Sharks are having a similar season to the Canucks' but they've already presented themselves as sellers ahead of the deadline. One player that has been making the phone ring since the campaign started, Erik Karlsson, who's found his status as an elite defenseman with an outstanding 56 points in 43 games.

Though trading him is going to be quite the challenge since the former Norris Trophy winner carries a hefty $11.5M through the end of 2027.
Here's how Seravalli explained the matter :
"Given the restrictive and unforgiving nature of the salary cap, $11.5 million is an enormous salary cap hit for an elite defenseman in his prime, let alone a 32-year-old enjoying a renaissance season with a significant injury history. Karlsson also holds all the cards with a full no-trade veto but as recently as this week has expressed his desire to win – and given that the Sharks are in the midst of a full-scale rebuild, he knows that won't be in San Jose."

What makes the matter even more interesting is that the Sharks have opened up on the possibility of retaining the salary of their star defenseman. In return for his services and 18% of his salary, which would bring his AAV down to about $9.4M / year, the Sharks are asking for three first round pick. It would make up for the hefty price they paid to acquire him, aka the pick that drafted Tim Stützle.
Seravalli even went further and listed the potential suitors for this trade. He believes that a return with the Ottawa Senators is possible and the Kraken if they went all-in and tried to make a splash. The Blue Jackets could potentially fit his contract, but there's no chance they'd want to give that many picks. With a hefty price like this one and the fact that every team already has cap issues, moving his contract will be extremely hard. Unless they take a huge contract that another team is trying to dump, like Sergei Bobrovsky's contract perhaps.
With a huge amount of money owed to the defenseman, do you believe that there is a chance he could be moved?

SOURCE: Daily Face-Off
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The price to acquire Erik Karlsson is revealed and it's enormous

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