Tocchet loses it in interview and takes shot at the former coaching staff

Published February 14, 2023 at 9:45

For the 2nd game in a row the Vancouver Canucks were embarrassed by the Detroit Red Wings losing 6-1 Monday night. This was also the 25th time this season that the Canucks allowed 5 or more goals in a game which tells a great deal as to why they stand so low in the league's overall standings.

After his 7th game behind the Canucks bench head coach Rick Tocchet clearly wasn't happy. Tocchet already seemed to of punished his team after a video from his last practice popped up on Social media.

Tocchet took his anger to the media after the team's counter-performance and took shots at the team's former coach

"We're gonna have to go back to grade school and learn the basics of how to defend. In the defensive zone, there's just no stop-and-start. Like, we gave in. We just weren't gritty enough. You know, wall work, the value of the little things we're going to have to keep stripping this down until we get it right.

Tocchet takes a direct shot at the previous coaching staff stating that he needs to take the players back to grading school as if they had never learned anything.

It will be interesting to see what Coach Tocchet will have in store for his team in tomorrow's practice. But things won't get any easier as the Canucks host the high-flyer New York Rangers Wednesday night.
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Tocchet loses it in interview and takes shot at the former coaching staff

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