WATCH | Player wildly attacks the linesman

Published February 13, 2023 at 8:31 PM

Over the course of this hockey season, we've seen a concerning trend of altercations taking place during minor hockey league games all over the world.

From hockey parents fighting in the stands to kids going in the stands to fight another parent. Now we have a player attacking linesman.

During this weekend in a minor hockey league game in Northern Quebec, a teenage hockey player was caught on video attacking a linesman during the game.

There's no word to what caused this but either way this stuff needs to be taken seriously and this player should be banned from the league for this unacceptable act.
February 13   |   81 answers
WATCH | Player wildly attacks the linesman

Should the linesman engage in legal pursuit?

Yes5466.7 %
No2733.3 %
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