WOW | McDonough told quite the story in an emotional post-game interview

Published April 1, 2023 at 11:11

Aidan McDonough tallied his first NHL goal last night in a 5-4 OT loss to the Calgary Flames. He joined the team after having a successful collegiate career and managed to score in only his 2nd outing.

He tucked it in after a nice effort from Jack Studnicka and Sheldon Dries, see the replay here:

After the game, he gave quite an emotional interview reminiscing about the old days. It's well-known that he and Jack Rathbone are good friends, McDonough was asked to describe his feelings when he scored and what it meant to have him by his side for this defining career moment:

''I think he was more happy than I was, just I was a little shocked and he was fired up. I remember playing street hockey, his dad would play goalie all the time in his driveway''

Rathbone added to it, stating that they'd been talking about that first NHL goal for a few years already:

‘'We've talked about that stuff since we were in sixth grade, I was so happy for him.''

McDonough was quite down-to-earth in his interview and admitted that he had much to work on in order to hit the full extent of his potential. However, to see him get a goal this early in his career surely is promising. Hopefully, he keeps this going and remains in the lineup for the remainder of the calendar.
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WOW | McDonough told quite the story in an emotional post-game interview

Will McDonough grow into a prominent NHL goalscorer?

He has all the tools, development is key15276.8 %
For sure2412.1 %
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