REPORT | The Devils and the Canucks linked in trade talks regarding Quinn Hughes

Published August 16, 2023 at 5:35 PM

Quinn Hughes was the first of three brothers to make his way to the NHL when he fell onto the Canucks' lap in 2018. Hughes has been exceptional since he came to the game's highest level.

The Devils were the team that landed the 1st overall in 2019, which ended up being Quinn's brother Jack, yet another Hughes to dominate the NHL, just like he showed this year with 99 points. The Devils didn't stop there, since they added the youngest of all brothers, Luke, who's given his first stride in the NHL and did great when he played in the NHL playoffs.

Reports have indicated that the Devils had been communicating with the Canucks regarding a potential Hughes' brother reunion. It is believed that the Canucks and Patrik Allvin are heavily working the phones, but yet only the Devils have touched ground on the star defenseman:


While «Eklund» isn't a known NHL insider, he did report correctly on some trades and conversations. However, to cite that the Canucks and the Devils have entertained «serious talks» regarding Quinn sure looks like a stretch. Hughes is a force on the Canucks and currently holds the number one spot in the Canucks' captaincy race. Tocchet has stated before that he liked what he saw from Huggy, but that the Canucks' 43 was also a standout in the locker room.

Could the Devils put up a trade offer that made sense for the Canucks? They have tons of interesting assets, but you don't trade a defenceman of Hughes' caliber, especially at such a young age.
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REPORT | The Devils and the Canucks linked in trade talks regarding Quinn Hughes

Is there a price at which the Canucks should consider trading Quinn Hughes?

No, Quinn's the team cornerstone68336.8 %
Yes, every asset as a price55630 %
No F*****G way61633.2 %
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