Friedman and Seravalli comment on the locker room atmosphere and nothing positive comes from there

Published January 5, 2023 at 11:48
It's been going around the internet as concerning news when Seravalli stated that Miller had the reputation of being a prick in the locker room. Now Elliotte Friedman adds on top of it and it gives a pretty good idea of the atmosphere in the Canucks' locker room.

From what he's reported, it was quite a shock amongst the players when it was announced that Miller was re-signed over Horvat. Seravalli himself stated:

' I think there are enough players in that room sitting there and going "really that's the pecking order?''

That's definitely not the atmosphere you want to set in your locker room when you're trying to build a winning culture. The fact that Miller, even though he was the team's leading scorer, was signed over the team's captain, leader, heart and soul, not only generated tons of buzz in the media but in the locker room as well.

With the way the season has gone so far, Friedman then added on The Jeff Marek Show:

«I think that Canucks dressing room is shell-shocked. I really do believe that. It has been a season of story, after story, after story.»

«Those players know there's a lot of people going and the team won't be the same...I think these players just want it to end. I saw a team that last night that was like just let us know where we're going.»

Expecting the club, to, therefore, sell once they get to the deadline. The management group left the players hanging and they have no idea where this club is headed. To reprise Thomas Drance's expression, the team is stuck in the «mushy middle», not a playoff contender nor a potential lottery winner. It's also clear enough that you need more than just one or two pieces to change the team's chemistry and the players know it.

Every week there's a new story, from Myers to Boeser, to Horvat, to Miller, and even Boudreau. Canucks management needs to take the bull by the horns and take care of things, because sooner than later, players may start asking out of Vancouver.
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