LATEST | Former member of Canucks management makes a statement that suggests a major lack of cohesion in the Canucks' plan

Published March 4, 2023 at 3:10 PM
The Canucks inked their star forward J.T. Miller to a $56M deal earlier in the season and it caused a major consternation since nobody expected this deal to go down. Even the staff within the organization's didn't expect this to happen.

While everyone was expecting the Canucks to make a fire sale and load up on picks and prospects, they decided to buy even though they currently hold the 27th seeding in the league. This move really suggests that the fans and analysts have no clue of what the true plan within the Canucks organization is.

Rachel Doerrie was on Sekeres and Price earlier and made a concerning statement, which suggest that even an important portion of the staff has no real idea of the team's plan moving forward. Doerrie commented the team's decision to renew J.T. Miller's contract in the summer instead of prioritizing their captain Bo Horvat:

"My jaw hit the floor. I was shocked, stunned...this is a mistake...he's a good hockey player, but this doesn't align with our timeline. I thought the priority should've been Horvat."

Miller will turn 30 later this year and the on-going belief was that the Canucks would try and «retool» over the next two years and turn their line-up into CUP contenders . Though Allvin's latest press conference revealed that the Canucks goal was actually to be PLAYOFF contenders as soon as next year.

Rutherford suggested that the team needed "major surgery" and so far not much has been done in that regard. They traded a top line centerman to, in the end, acquire a much needed right handed defenseman. Don't get me wrong Hronek is a great player, but are the Canucks really a better team than they were when the season started?

With the latest moves the team has made, do you feel it concords with the plan they tried to sell earlier this season?
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