J.T. Miller shows his leadership ability: Takes on a new mentee

Published September 22, 2023 at 10:52

Canucks Veteran J.T. Miller spoke to reporters about his teammate Vasili Podkolzin and the early struggles that Podkolzin has had at being in the line-up every day.


Miller said, "I've had a lot of talks with himhe reminds me of me, young & sent down [to the AHL], having to learn how to play the right way in the NHL..."

Miller, who began his career with the Rangers in the 2012-13 season, had three seasons where he was sent down before he became a regular with the Rangers. Miller's first entire NHL season came in 2015-16, scoring 43 points in 82 games. The games he played in the AHL were necessary for his development, which is his message to Podkolzin.


Vasili Podkolzin was sent down to the AHL last season. While it is not ideal to have him down in the minors again, looking at Miller, it could be a positive for Podkolzin. Development is never linear, and every player develops differently. It is up to the Canucks to decide how they create the 22-year-old.


He's still so young.a mature player for his agehe looks great again... I'm excited to see him again this year."

Podkolzin is slated to start training camp in group B with J.T. Miller. The hope would be to see him play well and earn his spot back on the NHL team for the start of the season. Podkolzin has often been criticized for the lack of will in his play; if Miller's intensity translates to Podkolzin's skill and IQ, the Canucks could see the true potential of the player they selected with a high pick back in 2019.
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J.T. Miller shows his leadership ability: Takes on a new mentee

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