LATEST | Thomas Drance rants hard on the Canucks for the Tanner Pearson trade

Published September 22, 2023 at 10:22

Tanner Pearson's time with the Vancouver Canucks came to an end earlier this week after Patrik Allvin shipped him off to the Montreal Canadiens, along with a 2025 third-round pick, in exchange for goaltender Casey DeSmith.

The trade has come with mixed reactions within the fan base. Some felt like it was time to move on from Tanner Pearson, while some are sad to see him go and felt like he was a key member to the team, prior to his injury.

The Athletic's Thomas Drance is one person who doesn't appear too happy with the trade, but for a different reason.

In one of his most recent articles, Drance says that a trade like this doesn't make much sense in the big picture, mainly because the team isn't close to being ready to contending for a Stanley Cup where they can throw around draft picks like candy. Drance makes it feel like the team doesn't have their priorities in the right order, focusing on the short-term only and he isn't necessarily wrong.

"These deals may make sense individually, but in the big picture, they don't. This Canucks team isn't nearly close enough to contending to be perpetually operating at a deficit of draft picks in this manner. There's no reason to have to constantly pay futures to become cap-compliant or shore up depth spots on the roster when you're a club that has only made the playoffs once in the past eight seasons." Drance said.

Giving up higher draft picks (1st-3rd round) just to get rid of a player so the team can become cap-compliant is not ideal at all, but it's a reality of the flat-cap era we're in right now. Thankfully, with the cap expected to go up significantly next season, we likely won't see as many deals like this one.

Another issue too is no matter if the Canucks kept Tanner Pearson or, in this case, traded for Casey DeSmith, both players are set to become unrestricted free agents. If DeSmith walks next summer, it makes this trade seem even worse by giving up a third-round pick, who may or may not have been able to help the team in five years when they're ready to contend for a Stanley Cup.

Do you agree with Drance when he says the team has their priorities wrong? Share your thoughts with us in the poll below!

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LATEST | Thomas Drance rants hard on the Canucks for the Tanner Pearson trade

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