LATEST | Bold inter sport comparison is made on J.T. Miller

Published November 13, 2023 at 8:48 PM

Behind Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes sits the good veteran J.T. Miller, who's quietly been having one of the best season starts he's ever had. Currently tied with Quinn Hughes and others at the league's third rank in scoring, he's now living in the shadows.

On Canucks 650 earlier today, the analysts drew a fascinating comparison between J.T. Miller and Jimmy Butler. Riccio is confident that Miller has been the team's most impactful player and the emotional leader in the locker room.

They connected Butler and Miller through their intensity and will to win. The passion may not always manifest rightfully to them and gets cast as bad. The truth is that their will to compete and win is stronger than anything:

"I feel like JT is overwhelmingly misunderstood... JT Miller is Jimmy Butler."

The great thing behind it all is that despite who the natural leader (stuff we may never know since none of us are really in the locker room) was getting the best out of everybody, and that is a sign of outstanding leadership coming from the team's HC Rick Tocchet.

Miller has been doing it all since the season started; he has 23 points through 15 games. As noted by both analysts, Miller stepped up to the plate in almost every aspect of his game, whether defending, winning draws, scoring, or even taunting the opponent; he's been outstanding. If he keeps his pace up, the Canucks tumultuous number 9 could break the 100-point barrier for the first time in his career.
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LATEST | Bold inter sport comparison is made on J.T. Miller

As JT been the Canucks most impactful player?

At times yes35139.7 %
No, Hughes and Pettersson are ahead28131.8 %
Absolutely12113.7 %
It changes every game13214.9 %
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