LATEST | Brock Boeser finally reveals the cause for his hot start

Published November 20, 2023 at 8:45 PM

Brock Boeser is off to the hottest start we've seen from him since he joined the NHL. After two rougher years, Boeser made the changes he needed in order to live up to the potential he was once destined for.


The 13 goals he scored in the first 18 games this season had people wondering what he did or perhaps what he changed over the summer to achieve the deed. The Canucks' number 6 finally opened up on the subject.

Obviously, the fact that he changed his conditionning coach played a lot, but Boeser revealed what the biggest factor had been and nobody can believe it:

Boeser wears a WHOOP wrist monitor that measures fitness and sleep patterns to help reduce fatigue and optimize rest and performance. Lost sleep slows reaction time.

Boeser spoke the wisdom's truth of a seasoned veteran when he spoke on the how it affected his game and overall preparation:

«As I got older, I started to go to sleep earlier with having more responsibilities,» added Boeser. «I'm not a young kid who's staying up as late anymore. I think it's really important.»

It does look good on Boeser to witness the development, but it's an even better look to see him out of that rough patch. We're now only wishing for that streak to continue and the way it's trending, the way he's playing, we don't believe he'll be stopping anytime soon.
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LATEST | Brock Boeser finally reveals the cause for his hot start

Will Boeser finally score 30 goals this year?

He's getting 40+24034.4 %
Yes40057.4 %
No578.2 %
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