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LATEST | Fiasco in Toronto: Head Coach now openly calling his top players

Published December 26, 2023 at 7:25 PM
The Toronto Maple Leafs have been faithful to their habits since the season. Their performances had ups and downs, lots of contract and trade talks, and a fair share of calling out and drama.

Currently leading the Leafs, William Nylander boasts an impressive record of 16 goals and 45 points across 31 games this season. Auston Matthews is following closely behind, exhibiting an extraordinary scoring pace with 28 goals and 41 points for the season.


Coach Keefe perceived Matthews as shouldering a significant portion of the line's responsibility and, to shake things up, opted to reunite Nylander with John Tavares. Keefe offered his comments on the situation and fired direct shots at his star player,r William Nylander:

"Probably the biggest thing is that we are coming off a couple of losses here. Even thought Matthews has been scoring consistently, I don't know if I would say Willy has been a huge contributor to those goals. I believe that Auston could continue to be Auston and work well no matter who we have him with."

Contrary to Keefe's earlier remarks, Nylander demonstrated his offensive prowess by contributing three points in the recent game against the Blue Jackets, tallying a goal and two assists. Matthews also secured three points, accomplishing this feat with two goals and a single assist.

Interestingly, the three-point displays by Nylander and Matthews invite comparison. Matthews' performance carries an additional layer of awe, not only due to his two goals but also because of a primary assist. In contrast, Nylander's contribution comprised a goal and two secondary assists.


The ongoing season promises a captivating duel between Nylander and Matthews as they contend for the team's lead in points. Currently, Nylander enjoys a slight edge in this closely contested race.

Nylander is currently on a contract-year and he's delivering big time. It may not be the best time to have your coach calling out your top players.

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LATEST | Fiasco in Toronto: Head Coach now openly calling his top players

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