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LATEST | Former Canucks coach fires shot at the media amidst career milestone

Published December 27, 2023 at 10:50 PM
The current Flyers' Head Coach and former Canucks Coach, John Tortorella, has been around for a long time, some would even say too long. Known for his ability to speak the truth and perhaps some controversial or brutally honest comments, Tortorella will be hitting a milestone on Friday.


Tortorella will coach his 1500th game on Friday when his Flyers hit the ice against the Seattle Kraken. The Head Coach was asked to talk about how he felt about the game and why he remained on a bench after 30 years of being around the NHL.

Tortorella talked about the relationships, the teachings and every aspect of being around an athlete and a hockey room:

"The only thing I'm thankful for is that people have entrusted me to let me work with athletes. It's been my life. I appreciate people having a little faith in allowing me to work with them; that's all. I don't give a shit about the number. I like coaching and being around the players, and I appreciate and am humbled by the opportunities I've been given.''

Tortorella ended his interview being as true to himself as it gets. He took the opportunity to call out the media and their work:

"Teaching. The controversy, the conflicts. The good stuff. The winning. The losing, how to figure (it out). ... I like being with the athletes. I like being in that locker room. Everything else about the game I can't stand. I like being there, in the locker room, teaching and being on the bench with them. I can't stand being out here with you guys. I'd rather be in there right now.
So can we end this?"

'Torts' has been around the NHL since 1989-1990, and he doesn't look like a coach going anywhere anytime soon. Often criticized for his harsh and brutal methods, it's hard to say he doesn't know what he's doing if you look closely at where the Flyers stood a year ago compared to where they stand now.
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LATEST | Former Canucks coach fires shot at the media amidst career milestone

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