LATEST | Former NHL D-man calls out Hronek's play on a goal against in San Jose

Published November 26, 2023 at 8:40 PM

The Canucks weren't good enough to bring back another win in San Jose and without a surprise, fans and analysts have been scrutinizing every part of the game to call out every mistake that was made.


Hronek was danced around by Mikael Granlund on the Sharks' 3rd goal on Saturday Night and the former NHL defenceman Marc Methot was brutal when he commented the play and stated that No NHL defenceman should get burned like that:

No NHL* defenseman should ever get beat clean like this on a one on one.

Young D men out there, work on your edges to no end, and master skating backwards. That's the answer.

The former defenceman does make a point in stating that Hronek should've been much better on this particular sequence.

However, thing needs to be highlighted on this. Hronek is the Canucks' player who, on a nightly-basis, spends the most amount of time on the ice. Mainly due to the team's lack of depth on the right side.

The Canucks played on Friday and Saturday nights and over the last 5 Canucks' games Hronek averaged over 26 minutes of ice-time and specifically over 28 in San Jose. Hronek's ability to defend shouldn't be questionned by this specific play, since it's more of a conditionning thing.

The Canucks clearly need to adress the situation so they can relieve some of the defensive burdens on their top defenders Quinn Hughes and Filip Hronek, so that they can be and play, at their very best.
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LATEST | Former NHL D-man calls out Hronek's play on a goal against in San Jose

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