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LATEST | Francesco Aquillini paid Elias Pettersson a suprise visit: Doesn't look so positive

Published December 17, 2023 at 8:52 PM
It's not a secret there's been close to no development in Elias Pettersson's extension. Whether there should be some concern over this situation has yet to be determined.

Both Allvin and Rutherford have come out to say that they were handling the situation, but the latest developments may be suggesting otherwise.


A Canucks fan was lucky enough to catch some of the players hanging out. It appears, however, that the night took a whole different turn when Aquillini showed up and started chatting with the team's Swede Superstar.

While this is only based on perception, Pettersson didn't seem to enjoy it, which brings us to wonder if that may be one of the reasons he has yet to ink a new deal with the Canucks:

'So we were chilling in Elisa's bar area. Everyone in our group saw Pettersson Demko Boeser and Buble having dinner (even non-hockey people are like, holy shit, that Michael Buble, lol).

I wasn't paying attention, but today, my wife said Pettersson was having a great time. But eventually, Francesco arrived and perched himself on the table next to theirs and started chatting them up. Wife says Pettersson went stone cold, body language and all, stopped talking, and seemed unhappy he had barged in''

This doesn't out of character for Aquillini since he's accused of meddling into the team's management affairs, hopefully no harm was done.

Known to be a quiet type of guy, Pettersson has made it publicly known that all his contracts talks were to be handled by his agents and preferably during the off-season.

Hopefully, Aquillini went over to speak about his last game or perhaps the weather in Vancouver.
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LATEST | Francesco Aquillini paid Elias Pettersson a suprise visit: Doesn't look so positive

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