LATEST | The Maple Leafs' offer for Nikita Zadorov leaked: Can the Canucks match it?

Published November 13, 2023 at 8:50 PM

The Flames are literally falling apart and now lots of their players are starting to ask out as they look for better opportunities. Announced via his agent, Zadorov has now pronounced his wish of continuing his career elsewhere.


The big Russian Defenseman reportedly informed his agent that Toronto and Vancouver were his top two markets. The Canucks have proven to fierceful competitors since the season started and they've managed to make themselves a prime destination again.


The top two Canadian teams at this very moment are expected to take a swing at acquiring Zadorov and despite the fact that the Flames' needs or wants have not been revealed, an offer coming from the Maple Leafs would've already been leaked.

It believed that the Maple Leafs would be working on something including John Klingberg and the Vancouver native prospect, Fraser Minten. Klingberg is on an expiring deal and definitely appears in this trade for cap reasons. Minten is the real asset, the 2022 38th overall's stock has risen and it would make sense for the Leafs to try an capitalize on that.

Obviously, the Canucks' offer would start with Anthony Beauvilier. He's on an ending contract with a similar cap hit, it gets tricky about the prospect they could pitch in. Minten is a nearly NHL-ready forward, he's already played in four NHL games before he was sent down to the WHL. Would the equivalent be Danila Klimovich? Arshdeep Bains? Sawyer Mynio? Should the Canucks try and match that?

SOURCE: Hockey Patrol
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LATEST | The Maple Leafs' offer for Nikita Zadorov leaked: Can the Canucks match it?

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