LATEST | Tocchet updates on the Canucks captaincy: He dropped a big piece of information

Published August 31, 2023 at 8:20 PM

It's not a secret, the Canucks have been captainless ever since Bo Horvat was traded to Long Island. Since Tocchet's came in certain players have taken more leadership initiative.

The coach gave an interview to Sportnet's journalist Iain MacIntyre and reveals tons of valuable information regarding the team's directions. The bench boss was asked if he had kept in touch with his players and revealed that he had kept touch with the ‘'leadership group'' and pointed up the players in the running:

‘'I've been talking to the leadership group quite a bit. I've talked to a lot of our players. But I've talked to Petey quite a bit, obviously Millsy (J.T. Miller) and Hughsie (Quinn Hughes) and Demko. I think that's important how you empower your leadership.''

MacIntyre didn't shy away from any questions and straight up asked whether or not one of these guys would wind up being Horvat's replacement:

‘'That's something that, you know, it's still fluid and we're still talking about it. We have a lot of potential guys. It's a matter of now trying to figure out, do we name a captain or do we not? We've obviously talked about it.''

The fact that they don't seem to be in a hurry to grant someone the ‘C' clearly points at Elias Pettersson still being in consideration. His contractual situation sure makes this decision harder, once Pettersson finally ties the knot, you can expect the Canucks to close this deal just as fast.

SOURCE: Sportsnet
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LATEST | Tocchet updates on the Canucks captaincy: He dropped a big piece of information

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