Are The Vancouver Canucks Going To Trade Anthony Beauvillier?

Published February 25, 2023 at 7:42

Coming into this season there was many questions about the Vancouver Canucks captain Bo Horvat and his contract. Horvat was in the final year of his current deal and was a pending UFA.

After the Canucks revealed they didn't have enough cap space to re-sign Horvat, the Canucks would surprisingly trade Horvat in early January to the New York Islanders rather then at the trade deadline.

In return the Canucks received Anthony Beauvillier, prospect Aatu Raty and a first round pick. Beauvillier has fit in nicely and is shining in Vancouver since the trade. However, the Canucks army would make a interesting suggestion about Beauvillier.

The Canucks army are suggesting they should try to trade Beauvillier at the trade deadline saying:

"All We're really saying here is that the chances of Beauvillier to score at a near-ppg, 4-goal clip for the Vancouver Canucks over the remaining year-and-a-quarter of his $4.15 million aav contract are slim. And that's okay. Really. The Canucks need that from him. They're not going to be competitive in the same time frame. Even when it comes to playing with Elias Pettersson, The Canucks already have a couple linemates locked in with Andrei Kuzmenko and Ilya Mikheyev. To say nothing of Vasily Podkolzin. Right now and for the remainder of his term. Beauvillier is a luxury in Vancouver. But not a necessity."

That's a very good idea the Canucks would definitely get a nice return for Beauvillier, and if he's not part of the Canucks long-term plans why keep him when he's red hot right now ahead of trade deadline day?


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Are The Vancouver Canucks Going To Trade Anthony Beauvillier?

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