BREAKING | Bell Media announces major cuts: TSN radio station goes off the air

Published June 14, 2023 at 2:48 PM

Bell Media announced on Wednesday that they've laid off over 1,000 workers and have cut TSN 1260 radio in Edmonton, which went off the air at 9 a.m. Mountain time. This comes as the media giant tries to significantly adapt to how they deliver news.

"The Realities of AM Radio in the broadcast media landscape have made this change unavoidable," a message said on TSN 1260 after 9 a.m. "We want to thank our advertising partners, sponsors and everyone who has contributed to this station over the years. But, we especially want to thank you – our listeners. Thank you for welcoming TSN 1260 into your homes, cars and lives for so many years." TSN 1260 said in a statement.

The loss of TSN 1260 radio in Edmonton isn't the first station the company has lost. As Canucks fans know very well, TSN 1040 was cut, along with stations in Hamilton and Winnipeg back in 2021.

Along with TSN 1260 going off the airwaves, other changes have occurred across the TSN radio network, more specifically in Ottawa and Toronto.

In Toronto, the popular radio show 'Leafs Lunch' has been cut and will no longer air on TSN 1050. Meanwhile in Ottawa, several employees at TSN 1200 have been terminated, including former NHL scout and Director of Hockey Operations Shawn Simpson.

It's definitely a very sad day in the sports world seeing all of these cuts. Our thoughts are with those who were laid off or terminated by Bell Media and we hope to see them in new positions with other companies in the coming months.
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BREAKING | Bell Media announces major cuts: TSN radio station goes off the air

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