Best trade partner for Demko identified

Published February 1, 2023 at 9:26

A new name has popped up on the trade talks for the Vancouver Canucks and it could gather lots of interest around the league.

It was reported earlier that the franchise number one netminder, Thatcher Demko, wasn't happy in Vancouver anymore.


With the new management in place, the team has taken a completely different direction. Demko on the other hand is entering his best years and it would be normal for him to aim to be in a competitive market.

Satiar Shah was on Canucks Central yesterday and listed the Kings as a prime destination for the Canucks' top goaltender:

"The Kings line up as a trade partner with Vancouver in so many different ways... they have everything you want in terms of making a big deal and getting a lot of futures."

The Kings have done a great job at retooling, but an aging and contract ending Jonathan Quick may not be the man of the future for the Los Angeles based team.

The Canucks on the other hand are looking to add NHL ready players that have yet to reach their full potential and they would also aim for a right-handed defenseman. Assets of which the Kings have plenty of.

If Demko doesn't want to be in Vancouver anymore, is it really in the Canucks' best interest to move him? Goaltenders of his stature aren't available everywhere.
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Best trade partner for Demko identified

Is it really in the Canucks' best interest to move Demko?

Yes, if the return is decent enough49465.3 %
No, screw what he wants12716.8 %
Yes, let's not keep him if it's not his will13517.9 %
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