Former OHLER criminally charged after he was filmed swinging golf players with clubs

Published September 28, 2023 at 8:26 PM

Some stories must be seen and not told. This one features among them. A disturbing video went viral in the last few days after a former OHLer was caught, on camera, running around and swinging golf players with clubs in hand.

He didn't hold back in his chase and violently swung at the player, who was begging him to listen to reason:

The assailant threatens to end his target's life and wildly attacks the one standing by as rage takes him over.

Information from the Sault St. Marie Police Department allowed us to identify the swinging man as Joel Sandie, an ex-OHL (Ontario Hockey League) player. On September 18th, the genie behind the attack faced the law and defended his vicious attacks.
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