HOT TAKES | Analyst has a very specific idea of what the Canucks should do with J.T. Miller

Published March 16, 2023 at 1:59 PM

J.T. Miller has been the center of attention since he inked his massive $56M extension earlier in the season. His play under Boudreau's guidance has led him to be in all sorts of trade rumors leading up to the deadline.

Now that it's become much more unlikely that the forward gets moved, Satiar Shah discussed the very hot topic on Sportsnet650 and he has a very specific idea of what he'd do with Miller. It was rumored that the Pens had an offer for Miller based substantially on picks and that it wasn't enough to please Allvin's wants. Shah cited the following:

"If you're actually contemplating moving off of JT... don't go sign a few free agents. Go and find a superstar."

Instead of making something similar to the Horvat deal, he suggests that they aim big and go for a superstar. He suggested that Allvin should aim big and try and go after Sebastian Aho.

At this point it's become very clear that the Canucks won't be moving Miller unless they have someone they like to fill his spot on the roster. As of late, Miller's been great and if it's the team's plan to make the playoffs next year, should they really consider moving him? They've stated that they were aiming for a playoff spot as soon as next season, does he not help you achieve that goal?

Don't get me wrong, in the idea of a «retool», moving Miller in a similar deal to what the Canucks gathered for Horvat is the move you need to do. Perhaps go for two younger roster player instead of three assets, but retooling is essentially selling big assets at high prices and developing players in your pipeline.

What's the Canucks ideal play here?
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HOT TAKES | Analyst has a very specific idea of what the Canucks should do with J.T. Miller

What's the move the Canucks need?

Move him whatever the return3723.6 %
Move him for a young C and Defenseman5736.3 %
Hold on to him6340.1 %
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