BREAKING | The verdict is in for Jordan Binnington

Published March 16, 2023 at 1:06 PM

Jordan Binnington was once again caught throwing a tantrum last night after he got scored on. A contact with Ryan Hartman then led to a big scrum in front of the Blues' net and Marc-Andre Fleury ultimately made his way down to the other end of the ice to throw the invitation.

As previewed in the video, Binnington was trying to throw his fist everywhere, but the linesmen eventually stepped in to make sure it didn't go any further.

Following the events, Binnington was thrown out of the game, as it wasn't the first time such a tantrum occurred and that player's safety was at risk, the NHL decided to step in and called Binnington for a hearing which gave the following result:

''St. Louis' Jordan Binnington has been suspended for two games for Roughing/Unsportsmanlike Conduct on Minnesota's Ryan Hartman.''

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BREAKING | The verdict is in for Jordan Binnington

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