LATEST | Akito Hirose revealed the reason why he chose to sign with the Canucks

Published April 27, 2023 at 8:26 PM

The Canucks came up big in their NCAA free agent signing when they won the Akito Hirose derby. The defenceman turned out to be a heck of an acquisition for the Canucks and it'll be extremely interesting to see how that develops heading into next year's training camp.

Hirose was coming off a strong NCAA stint and it was revealed that multiple teams were lining up for the mobile defenceman. It an interview he gave to a Daily Faceoff Representative, the BC. Native pointed out what actually made him chose the Canucks and Patrik Allvin over the other pretendants:

‘' I think the biggest thing was the fact that he's the one that made the pitch compared to other organizations who had other people that weren't as high up kind of make the pitch,»

Hirose came at a time of need for the Canucks and the plays he's given the team so far truly displays the skills of a very capable defender. The puck-moving defenceman impressed through the 7 games he played in the NHL, he managed 3 assists through that span.

The fact Patrik Allvin took it upon himself to convince the highly touted prospect instead of delegating truly shows how commited he is to the process. Ever since the team's new management took over, they came up big on multiple occasions on the free agent market making Vancouver a prime destination for free agents.

After Ilya Mikheyev, Akito Hirose and Andrei Kuzmenko, who will be the next big name to fall under Allvin's spell?

SOURCE: Daily Face-Off
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LATEST | Akito Hirose revealed the reason why he chose to sign with the Canucks

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