LATEST | Analyst gives an overview of McDonough's potential and it's promising

Published March 13, 2023 at 11:44

The Canucks have just made the announcement that they had signed the NCAA Prospect Aidan McDonough.

McDonough is a big winger with a tremendous shot and with the way he's developed the expectations for him are quite high. Steven Ellis, a Daily Faceoff analyst, gave his thoughts on the Canucks new signing and it definitely fits into what they need:

''The 23-year-old senior was a seventh-round pick by the Vancouver Canucks in 2019 after a solid but not overly spectacular USHL campaign with Cedar Rapids. He continued to show consistent improvement during his four-year college career that saw him don the «C» this season. The 6-foot-2 forward has an NHL-ready shot, great size, and is much better defensively than he was even two years ago. Seventh-round picks rarely make it to the big leagues, but it's looking like McDonough could be a serviceable option for the Canucks,»

A capable two-way winger with size who can be put on any line. The fact that he was selected in the 7th Round, doesn't change the fact that he's become a top prospect for the Canucks. If Tocchet were to give him the best opportunity to succeed, a splot on Miller and Boeser's wing would be the perfect fit.

We'll soon know more as to when he'll formally join the team. Even though the reports stated he'd be going straight to the NHL we still haven't had a confirmation of it just yet.
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LATEST | Analyst gives an overview of McDonough's potential and it's promising

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