LATEST | Florida Panthers faces a life-threatening injury ingame (video)

Published March 12, 2023 at 9:00 PM

Up to this point, everybody is well aware of the dangers we face in hockey. High speed, blades as sharp as knives, contacts, and intensity, can all lead up to terrible things.

Concussions have been a hot topic in the last decade and while they are extremely dangerous, they can sometimes be confounded with neck injuries. Just ask Sidney Crosby who missed most of two seasons in his prime years, out with what everyone believed to be a concussion.

Jakub Kos, a Panthers prospect, now knows the difference. Kos, a 6th Round Pick Selection in 2021, and silver medal winner at the latest World Juniors with the Czechs has grown into one of the top Panther prospects. On March 3rd he was dealt a terrible hand and although we're not speaking of it as career-ending anymore, it's definitely a major setback in his progression.

Kos played in the Mestis, a professional Finland league. In a fight along the wall, Kos was pushed head-first into the boards and fractured his neck.

The player that pushed was handed a game misconduct and a four-game suspension. Kos' season is obviously over, but there is no confirmation yet that he'll ever be able to play hockey again.

The latest information stated that it was a miracle that the young kid wasn't paralyzed in the events. From the reports, it's stated that no one has yet rule out the possibility of Kos seeing the ice again. It sheds a little positivity on a terrible situation.

We wish the best for Kos in his recovery, health being amongst the most precious that life has granted us.

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