WATCH | Trouba absolutely rocks Nylander center-ice in Scott Stevens fashion

Published March 12, 2023 at 6:41 PM

Open-ice hits have been starting to disappear as the years have gone by. Hard hitters in the like of Scott Stevens have been a rare luxury, but it seems we may have found the Stevens of the modern ages.

Jacob Trouba has had his name heard in many tilts and controversial disputes on the ice this season and the hit he laid on Alexander Nylander today is one of the many explanations for it. Nylander was skating middle ice when a sneaky Trouba came from the other side and gave him a handful:

Trouba has built quite the reputation for the massive hits he's been throwing since the beginning of the season:

Lots of debates have started in both fanbases trying to determine whether or not that was a good hit or a dirty hit. To some extent, the contact seems to be legit, but the puck was nowhere near Alexander Nylander. We'll have to wait and see what the NHL's player safety department has to say about it if they have anything to say at all.

The Rangers' captain carries an $8M cap hit and it surely isn't his capacity to put up points that make him worth that much. Trouba has only managed 23 points in 65 games this year, surprisingly enough, only 57 penalties in minutes.
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WATCH | Trouba absolutely rocks Nylander center-ice in Scott Stevens fashion

Was this a good hit?

Where's the puck? Interference920.5 %
Good Hit, keep your head up boy2352.3 %
Dirty player, dirty hit1227.3 %
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