LATEST | Blackhawks insider links the Canucks and the Hawks in a draft day trade

Published May 24, 2023 at 11:06

The Canucks have multiple objectives to accomplish this off-season, and one of their top ones will be to find a way to unload salary. Canucks are stuck with multiple wingers signed to hefty deals and they may have to consider paying in order to rid themselves of one or some of them.

A Chicago Blackhawks insider, Scott Powers, just linked the Hawks and Canucks for a trade involving a first-round draft pick swap. The Hawks are on the hunt for multiple prospects and they'll definitely try and move up their second first-rounder which currently sits at the 19th seed.

Powers suggested that the Hawks package up the 19th overall along with one of their second-round selection to acquire the Canucks' 11th and Conor Garland. Here's what he reported on the subject:

‘'The Blackhawks aren't optimistic about their chances to move up from their second first-round pick at No. 19. Even if the Blackhawks package the No. 19 pick and a second-rounder or two, that probably isn't enough for a team to budge from a top-15 selection. The Vancouver Canucks might be the only team that could make sense. It's no secret the Canucks are trying to get out of a few contracts this offseason. If the Blackhawks took on one of those contracts and packaged a first- and second-round pick, maybe that would entice the Canucks to trade the No. 11 pick. There should be some really good players left on the board at 11 if the Blackhawks could do that.‘'

In an unrelated tweet, Jeff Paterson also brought up the idea that the Canucks trading away their 11th overall could be an easy way out of their cap situation.

‘' Having one of those days where I am resigned to the fact that #Canucks will have to trade down from 11 in the draft. Shop the pick, get creative, make the best move possible to move a bad contract, and expand into a broader deal if need be. Find a trade partner that covets 11 and get busy''

On the surface, it doesn't seem like such a bad idea. If the Hawks are willing to give up the 19th overall along with one of their 2nd Round Pick, it may be an idea Allvin has to consider. Canucks would shed Garland's full cap hit of $4.95M, drop back 8 ranks, and pick up a 2nd Round Pick along the way.

At the end of the day though, this is a call that needs to be made on the draft floor depending on who are going to be the 10 first prospects to walk on the stage.

SOURCE: The Athletic
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LATEST | Blackhawks insider links the Canucks and the Hawks in a draft day trade

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