LATEST | Canucks' GM Patrik Allvin calls out Brock Boeser in year-end media availability

Published April 17, 2023 at 4:16 PM

Brock Boeser went through a roller coaster of emotions over the last two years. The Canucks 2015 First-Round Draft Pick had a tough beginning to his season but he's picked it up quite nicely over the last two months, upon Tocchet's arrival and Allvin didn't fail to point it out in his year-end media availability:

''Give him credit the last two months, I thought, he played his best hockey since I've been here.''

Boeser managed to bring his points total only a few short of his career-high and had a nice sequence going on with 8 points in his last 10 games. While Allvin complimented Boeser for a little bit, he made no mistake in pointing out exactly what he thought was going to be the difference-maker for him moving forward:

''He should be able to take the next step if he's willing to sacrifice this summer. Boeser needs to change his off-season preparation.''

In a related point, Tocchet added, without naming any names:

'' We have to go to uncomfortable levels''

We knew that the team's conditioning level was an issue Tocchet wanted to address, as he's referred to it on multiple occasions since he came in.

Brock Boeser was involved and traded to every other NHL team over the last season based on the rumblings that went around, now that he's had a change of heart, wouldn't be a better idea to deal with these issues internally?

There is no doubt that Brock Boeser is an NHL caliber, and a dominant one at that when he's on top of his game. Tocchet is known to be a heck of a motivator and was known to have played a major part in Phil Kessel's transformation which led to the Iron Man's best seasons. Can Tocchet repeat the exploit with Boeser?
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LATEST | Canucks' GM Patrik Allvin calls out Brock Boeser in year-end media availability

Will Tocchet make a point-per-game player out of Brock Boeser?

Yes56459.6 %
NO23024.3 %
Just trade him already15216.1 %
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