LATEST | Dreger reveals new information, confirms a Boeser deal is coming but the Canucks are in a tough spot

Published March 1, 2023 at 11:40

The Canucks' relationship with Brock Boeser has gone south since he re-signed during the summer. The team, matched with Boeser, has been underperforming and it's now put everyone in a tough spot.

Everyone had been expecting a big deal out of Allvin for Brock ever since they allowed his agent to talk to other teams to facilitate a deal. Though the reality of the tight salary cap we're facing is making it really tough to spend this much money on an underperforming scoring winger. Boeser has shown great promises before especially since he's never failed to hit the 20-goal mark in all of his full NHL seasons.

A change of scenery would be the best of things for the 25-year-old, but Darren Dreger revealed valuable information on the subject when he stated the following:

"There's interest. However, Vancouver isn't keen on retaining money. A bad contract coming back or 30-40% retention may be required to get something done by the deadline."

Dreger is certain that Brock Boeser will be moved, he doesn't believe that it'll be happening before Friday since the Canucks aren't keen on the idea of retaining money. Salary retention is a valuable tool for a short-term rebuild and every team only has 3 spots per season (Bo Horvat takes one spot until July 1st). Per Dreger's belief, due to the Canucks wants, he sees this trade as more plausible during the summer.

Rick Dhaliwal then added his grain of salt to the discussion, the latter confirmed that Brock Boeser is set to be playing against the Wild tomorrow. He confirmed that money was the biggest issue with this deal moving forward.

The Canucks have been managing their assets quite nicely since they decided to be sellers heading into this deadline. If Canucks hope for a mere chance of getting a decent return, taking a bad contract or retaining salary may be the way to go. Or perhaps they should consider trading their 2015 1st Round Selection for futures?
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LATEST | Dreger reveals new information, confirms a Boeser deal is coming but the Canucks are in a tough spot

Best play for the Canucks ?

Salary retention and decent return6857.6 %
Bad contract and asset3227.1 %
Give him freely1815.3 %
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