LATEST | ESPN announcer in trouble after making racist comment regarding an Indigenous player

Published May 11, 2023 at 11:27

Earlier this week, following Game 3 between the Edmonton Oilers and Vegas Golden Knights, ESPN announcer John Anderson made a racist and insensitive comment regards Zach Whitecloud and his name.

Whitecloud scored an important goal during Vegas' win on Monday night to take a 2-1 series lead. While commenting on the Game 3 highlights during Sportscenter on ESPN, Anderson said the following:

"What kind of name is Whitecloud? It's a great name if you're a toilet paper."

There was plenty of backlash online regarding his comments about Whitecloud, who is indigenous, which led to Anderson making an apology the next day.

"This is totally on me and I sincerely apologize to Zach, the Golden Knights, their fans and everyone else for what I said. It's my job to be prepared and know the backgrounds of the players and I blew it. I will be reaching out to the team to personally apologize and hope to have the opportunity to speak to Zack as well." Anderson said.

Whitecloud was asked about the comments by the media on Tuesday and said that it was a learning opportunity for Anderson and that the ESPN announcer had apologized to him face-to-face. He went on to say that he is very proud of his heritage.

ESPN has yet to announce any discipline for Anderson, whether that be a suspension or him being fired, but it's likely that neither will occur following his apology and the acceptance of that apology by Whitecloud.

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LATEST | ESPN announcer in trouble after making racist comment regarding an Indigenous player

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