LATEST | Evander Kane slams Joe Veleno for dirty play at World Championship

Published May 21, 2023 at 10:16

Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane was not happy after seeing Team Canada forward Joe Veleno stomp on Switzerland's Nino Neiderreiter during Saturday's game at the World Championship.

"This is why fighting in Hockey is needed, it discourages ideas like this and helps police the game effectively. Disgusting play to watch. Especially after my injury this year. Embarrassing" Kane said.

Kane mentions that fighting is needed for incidents like this, which is certainly understandable, but the International Ice Hockey Federation has very strict rules in place when players drop the mitts. If two players engage in a fight during a IIHF sanctioned event, the officials give them a five-minute major for fighting as well as a game misconduct, ejecting them from the game.

Veleno essentially got away with the stomp during the game as he wasn't penalized. The only penalty called on that play was to Nino Neiderreiter for roughing after he caught Veleno up high during a cross-checking battle.

The IIHF has issued an official statement regarding Veleno's actions:

‘' Suspension Announcement:
's Joe Veleno has been issued a 5-game suspension for violating Official Playing Rule 49 (Kicking). ''

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LATEST | Evander Kane slams Joe Veleno for dirty play at World Championship

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