LATEST | Former Canuck Shane O'Brien loses it on Bo Horvat after he took shots at the team

Published April 14, 2023 at 7:36 PM

Bo Horvat had been the Canucks' last captain before they traded him away to the Islanders a few weeks prior to this year's trade deadline.

Horvat held harsh comments directed at the Canucks' organization in his post-game interview of the past weekend. Even though he later apologized for his misdirected comments, it still fired it up on the web:

Later this week, former Canuck Shane O'Brien took the mic in his podcast ''Missing Curfew'' and absolutely lost it on the former captain:

''If he was taking a shot at the management and the front office, then good on ya Bo. I don't know what happened with those conversations that went through your negotiations, I don't know the day-to-day stuff that happened as an organization. I don't know how that front office is being run,''

''To me, he took a shot at the fans. And as an ex-player that loved my time in Vancouver, I'm going to say, Bo, you were the captain of the f*cking Canucks. You didn't get them in the playoffs. You got three f*cking coaches fired Bo all when you're the captain. And when you're the captain, like it or not, it comes down on your shoulders''

O'Brien got emotionally involved in this story and reminded the audience that Vancouver was the best place to play hockey and live when you could manage a positive record.

''When you win, and you live in that f*cking city, it's the best f*cking place to play in the world to play. The place is rocking, the fans are great, and when you're not playing great Bo, yeah they're going to throw f*cking jerseys on the f*cking ice. To me, he was backtracking like a motherf*cker, Vancouver fans are the best in the league, and when you don't play well, they're going to give it to you. And that's their right....,

And you go out after wins, people would buy you drinks The Vancouver Canucks fans are fair, and they are passionate, and they're great f*cking people.''

Shane O'Brien was part of the Canucks' organization for 141 regular season games and played a total of 537 games in the NHL over his 15-year career. Bo Horvat had been part of the Canucks for the last 9 seasons. 9 seasons in which the Canucks failed to play up to their expectations.

At this point, it's hard to hate on Horvat, not only was he a heck of a player during his time in Vancouver, but he also gave tons to the community. Perhaps, he just wasn't the right person to wear the 'C'?
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LATEST | Former Canuck Shane O'Brien loses it on Bo Horvat after he took shots at the team

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