LATEST | J.T. Miller comments on the trade rumors and his future with the team

Published April 16, 2023 at 1:46 PM

Some have talked about this season as maybe the worst in franchise history. The team's newest management group had not yet proven their worth. One of their first major moves was to ink the star forward J.T. Miller to 7 years and $56M.

It didn't pan out as they'd hoped as Miller was back in the trade rumor mill just 6 months later. Today, Miller is still a Canuck and he gave his year-end interview yesterday as they were preparing to pack.

The number 9 acknowledges that he had a few low points in the season's first half, but when the coaching change occurred he himself pointed out that the way Tocchet and Foote kept him in line and held him accountable was the way to go moving forward.

The journalist later asked him how he felt about the trade rumors as his No-Movement-Clause only kicks in on July 1st, but he was also asked why he'd want to stay, as he's in the midst of his prime and craving for victory and cup runs. His response truly speaks his state of mind:

''It means literally nothing to me, None of it's real (The trade rumors)...., This (Vancouver) has become a home for us. I mean, the city has been unbelievable to me, even outside of the sh-- part of this year. With the amount of support we have and being in a passionate fan base like this, why wouldn't you want (to stay)?"

Miller has been the franchise's most productive player ever since he joined, he collected 299 points over the 283 games he played. With the team's most recent changes, he's still very optimistic that a brighter tomorrow is coming:

''If you look at the steps that our organization is taking to go to where we want to go. . . the changes up top (in management), the changes behind the bench and putting the team together, I mean, it's coming. But I feel like I'm here for the big picture in the long haul.

This team, it's going this way (up). I really believe that we're going to be contending to win a Stanley Cup in the future. I can't predict if it's next year, the year after, four years, or five years, but the reason I signed for seven is that I want to be here when it does happen. And I believe it's going to happen.''

Allvin has made acquisitions to help them in that direction, the latest addition of a top2 caliber defenseman in Filip Hronek, the change for a much more structured coach (Rick Tocchet) and Thatcher Demko playing at full capacity, what's the end point for the Canucks?
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LATEST | J.T. Miller comments on the trade rumors and his future with the team

Are the Canucks making the right call in keeping Miller around?

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