LATEST | The Ducks have added an intriguing young forward to the trade block and he fits the Canucks' type

Published March 27, 2023 at 10:39

The Ducks have made it clear as day that they were aiming to acquire players in their early to mid-20s who had not had the success they were meant to. They delivered when they acquired Vitaly Kravstov from the Rangers and now a new name surfaced in the trade talks and potential targets as a low-cost opportunity on free agency. Surely he fits the Canucks' bill fairly well.

A 2nd Round Selection in 2017 (50th), Maxim Comtois has entered the trade block since the Ducks have made him available to all 31 teams for a trade. Renaud Lavoie from TVA Sports opened up on the subject and stated that the Ducks' GM wanted to trade him by any means necessary:

"The Ducks told everyone in the National League that they wanted to trade him, but they played him 13 minutes a game and were asking for a second-round pick...come on!" - Renaud Lavoie

The reporter added that the treatment given to the 24-year-old is extremely strange and it looks like they're not going to qualify him as he'll be a restricted free agent by the end of the season.

After a promising start with the Ducks, things have soured up for the young man. After his first full NHL season, he had managed 33 points in 55 games which led the whole Ducks' roster. However, he wasn't able to replicate his previous performance since he managed 16 points last year and now shows 17 this year.

A One-Year Deal in Vancouver to sort things out?

Allvin and Rutherford previously stated that they'd be looking to add players in their early 20s and while the experiment with Kravstov has not yet panned out, it could cost less to add a player with great skills whose ceiling was once considered to be very high.

Comtois was a very dominant player back in his junior days 133 points in the 79 games he played as an 18 and 19-year-old. He managed 75 goals over that span, if he's placed with the right players, could he find his scoring touch again?

The scouting report had him as a two-way poised winger. Surely the type of player that fits well anywhere on the line-up.

'A big-bodied, poised winger who is dependable in all zonesbig, quick and skilledcan generate the speed to separate from defenders,'' 2017
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LATEST | The Ducks have added an intriguing young forward to the trade block and he fits the Canucks' type

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