LATEST | Tocchet opens up on his plan for Aidan McDonough

Published March 14, 2023 at 7:09 PM

The Canucks announced on Monday the signing of one of their top prospect, Aidan McDonough. Fresh out of his collegiate season, Aidan has not yet joined the club in Vancouver.

Rick Tocchet was asked in this morning's media availability on the prospect, about what he had heard on McDonough and what the plan was moving forward. He stated that he didn't want to take a player out of the line-up just to get him in there, but he'd for sure be getting opportunities at the game's highest level, the role he'd be getting on the get-go still has to be determined per his saying:

» Yeah, we're going to try and get him into a couple of games, It's a tough one, I like the way the team's playing, lots of guys deserved to stay in the line-up, maybe I'll pop him in there. Which is ok, but we haven't made that decision yet.»

From Tocchet's knowledge, McDonough is a high-level shot and has the great scoring ability. Obviously, he has 45 goals through his last 72 regular season games in the NCAA, if he can translate that to the NHL, it'll be interesting to see for sure.

McDonough's arrival brings the number of NHL-signed left-handed wingers to a total of 9, it'll be interesting how they manage it for the rest of the season and head on to training camp.
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LATEST | Tocchet opens up on his plan for Aidan McDonough

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